What we do

Our initiative focuses on treatable deformities and degenerative conditions. We fund corrective procedures that restore the fundamental human abilities that many of us take for granted. Specifically, we provide cataract, clubfoot, and cleft lip and palate procedures to restore the ability to see, to walk, and to smile:  



cataract & strabismus

Cataracts are a leading cause of blindness globally. Most cataracts (and other vision conditions) are often treatable with relatively simple procedures. Sadly, there are many people in indigent global communities that do not have access to such procedures. 




It is estimated that 1 out of every 800 infants are born with clubfoot. Of those, approximately 50% have it in both feet (bilateral clubfoot). In developed nations the condition is treated immediately after birth and typically has no long-term impact on quality of life.



cleft lip & palate

At best, facial deformities can be a source of extreme self-consciousness and lead to significant emotional and social developmental problems. At worst, a cleft palate can inhibit proper eating a breathing. The corrective surgery required will vary in complexity from case to case.