Dr Cohen: 1,000 Humanitarian Procedures Sponsored

In July 2018, Dr Robert Cohen sponsored his 1000th humanitarian procedure through the Utu Humanitarian Alliance. It is with immense gratitude that we recognize this remarkable humanitarian milestone. 

The 1000 recipients of these critical procedures are spread across the globe in countries ranging from Egypt to Guatemala, from Madagascar to Peru and the Philippines. They will likely never know who funded their surgery. To them, Dr Cohen is a revered but anonymous benefactor. The procedures they so desperately needed included cataract removal to restore vision, club feet correction to enable mobility, or cleft lip/palate repair to give functionality, dignity, and confidence. Whatever the need, the result is that these individuals now have the opportunity to lead full and productive lives . . . an opportunity they would never have had if not for the compassion of Dr Robert Cohen and others like him.

Our sincerest thanks and congratulations go to Dr Robert Cohen, his patients, and the entire team at Scottsdale Center for Plastic Surgery!

Robert Cohen MD2.jpg