Is Utu a marketing program or a humanitarian initiative?

The simple answer is BOTH.

As a vehicle for philanthropic giving, our initiative is one of most efficient out there. As a vehicle to growing your business, utu offers a compelling, multi-faceted value proposition.

There are many wonderful causes out there that are deserving of charitable consideration. But how many of those are also a no-brainer business decision? The utu initiative is founded on the idea that we can accomplish much more from a humanitarian perspective if we create an engine for giving that also delivers real value to the givers.

Why utu?

  • Build a lasting humanitarian legacy

  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors

  • Improve customer experience

  • Enhanced positive word of mouth exposure

  • Strengthen referral networks

  • Build employee morale

  • More compelling social content that resonates with potential customers

  • Stronger bottom line

  • Sleep well each night knowing you are doing good in the world and your business is thriving

How much does it cost to participate?

The cost to sponsor each humanitarian procedure is $44. The minimum participation level is 10 procedures sponsored per month, but we encourage all of our partners to present certificates to as many of their customers as they can.

Very easily. We know you are busy doing what you do. We have worked hard to ensure that your participation in our initiative fits seamlessly with your existing processes and personnel. Participation does not require any significant added administrative burden.

We will provide support, advice and coaching throughout. Your participation essentially comes down two simple steps;

  1. Choose how you would like to receive your Utu commemorative certificates (see options here).

  2. Define which member of your staff will be the one actually presenting the certificate to the customer, and when. Presenting the certificate is as simple as a sincere “thank you” but a member of the Utu team will provide as much coaching to this person as they feel they would like.

How does the implementation work?