Advisory Board

We are extremely grateful to those that contribute their time, talents, knowledge and energy to help make Utu happen. We are particularly grateful to our volunteer advisory board members who provide ongoing direction for the initiative.

Please take a moment to get to know them . . .

Robert Cohen MD2.jpg

Dr Robert Cohen

Dr Cohen is both a member of our advisory board and a founding member of our initiative. No Utu member has sponsored more humanitarian procedures than Dr Cohen. His experiences in Vietnam during surgical residency fuel him to continue helping the underprivileged in extraordinary ways on a global scale.


Dr James Osborne

Dr Osborne is also a founding member of the Utu initiative and has been a determined advocate since inception. He and his Filipino wife, Renee, are as passionate about humanitarian work as Dr Osborne is about providing an unparalleled standard of care for his own patients.

Ben Donovan.jpg

dr ben donovan

Dr Donovan is also both an advisory board member and a founding member of the Utu initiative. He was featured in a Fox News piece filmed before we changed our name from 1for1 Medical to Utu Humanitarian Alliance. Dr Donovan is a highly respected pediatric urologist that cares deeply for his patients. His compassion extends beyond his own patients to those he helps through his humanitarian contributions.