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Meet Ellison

In August 2017, Ellison Franz Torres was given a vaccine to fight against Dengue fever. A few months after receiving the vaccine, he noticed that his vision started to become blurry. His classmates began to notice that the pupil in his right eye was turning violet. His Mother took him to a doctor where he was diagnosed with a cataract and was advised that he would need surgery . . . a surgery his family could not afford. Within five months the purple part of his eye turned white. Ellison was completely blind in his right eye.

Ellison Franz Torres BEFORE.jpg

fading sight and fading hope

Imagine being a parent and watching your 11-year-old son lose his vision to a cataract that could be corrected by a relatively simple procedure. A procedure that you can not afford. Your child - who has always excelled in school - begins to fall behind.

Ellison Franz Torres AFTER.jpg

a bright future

Fortunately, Ellison's Mom was referred to an Utu partner clinic located in Cebu Doctors University Hospital. Ellison received the needed cataract procedure. He has returned to school where he has an exceptional aptitude for math. Ellison even represents his school in math competitions and plans to become a Geodetic Engineer.