The concept behind Utu Humanitarian Alliance is as simple as it is powerful.

We partner with qualified doctors that already live and work in/near poverty-stricken communities throughout the world. We provide the funding and the resources and they perform the procedures. For every qualifying product or service that we provide here in the United States, we donate a portion of what we collect to sponsor an essential medical service. This model is so efficient that we are able to sponsor one of these procedures for every qualifying product or service that we provide. It costs you nothing, but we recognize that none of it would be possible without you. 

The Problem

Throughout the developing world there are millions of indigent people suffering from debilitating but treatable deformities and degenerative conditions. Commendable efforts continue to be made by compassionate doctors from wealthy nations to organize "medical missions" to bring care to those that need it most. Though noble, these efforts are often inefficient for a variety of factors:

  • There are significant costs associated with travel, accommodation and equipment transportation.
  • Political resistance. Many local doctors view visiting doctors as an unbeatable form of competition which creates political resistance. In fact, many countries no longer issue travel visas for medical mission trips. 
  • Where corruption is prevalent, substantial bribes are often required to get essential supplies through customs. 
  • Cultural and language barriers.
  • Follow up care. These trips are typically 1 or 2 weeks in duration. In many instances, the surgeons are not able to be there for follow-up treatment.
  • Doctors from developed countries invest incredible amount of time, effort, and money to make these trips happen. They have to leave their practices, their patients, and often their families behind as they travel. Not all doctors (or non-doctors) that would like to help are in a position to be able to do this.

The Solution

By partnering with qualified doctors that already live and work in/near poverty stricken communities, we are able to overcome most of the problems associated with typical "medical mission" humanitarian efforts:

  • We build up local medical infrastructure by empowering local doctors to be able to help local indigent individuals.
  • Because procedures are performed by local doctors, there are no cultural or language barriers or limitations on follow-up care.
  • There are no travel, accommodation, or logistical expenses so we can accomplish more with each dollar.
  • It doesn't require us to be away from our patients and customers here in the United States.
  • As a patient/client/customer, you will feel connected to the humanitarian effort. We feel privileged to serve you. When you allow us to provide you with a product or service, we want you to know that you have directly facilitated the sponsorship of an essential medical service for someone in need. We express our gratitude by presenting our patient/client/customer with certificate that comemmorates the actual humanitarian procedure provided. An example is below:
Example Certificate