Utu Humanitarian Alliance was founded in 2014 by a small group of caring physicians in Phoenix, Arizona. Before Utu was established, our founding members pioneered this model with an initiative called 1for1 Medical in 2013 . . . 

We recognized and developed a more efficient mechanism for providing essential medical procedures to people in indigent circumstances. We focused our efforts on deformities and degenerative conditions that were globally prevalent but also relatively simple to diagnose and treat. We leveraged an international network of like-minded physicians and humanitarians to eliminate much of the bureaucracy and inefficiency that goes along with traditional humanitarian efforts. 

It didn't take long before our friends and colleagues from outside the medical profession expressed interest in supporting our cause . . . and so Utu Humanitarian Alliance was born. We are proud to be uniting businesses and professionals from a variety of industries in such a worthy cause.

This Fox10 News piece features Utu founding members Dr Robert Cohen and Dr. Ben Donovan.